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Portal Login

The shops can be viewed at the following link:

(Note: You may change your password and create a security question at any time, select your name at the top right and select “account settings”)

  1. After you login, change the search filter to “scored” to see all completed shops
    • When the filter is set to “open,” the queue of shops listed are in the scoring phase and the video can be viewed but it is not completely scored
  2. To view the interactive scorecard and video:
    • Select the “card name” that you would like to view
    • The scorecard will load below & the video is at the bottom left
    • You may select “download” to download the video to your desktop at any time
  1. To view a section with the questions, points, & time codes:
    • Select a section name and the questions will tab out to the right.
    • To view a time code of a particular question, select “Go To” and the video will jump to that question when it occurs
  2. To view Reports:
    • Click on your name at the top right
    • You will see a heading called “Reports,” click on it
    • A date range will come up and you can select the date range as well as report by division or by sales person
    • When you select one or the other, the report will pull up on the right
    • You can select an option to view a visual graph of how either an individual sales person is doing or how an overall division is doing

Please note: You may print the scorecard at any time by selecting “print” on the far right of the card name.You can also email the scorecard

For any other questions or help, please contact us: 972-294-2223.